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Bid Caller - Documentary Short - 2021

Auctioneer Harold Betthauser has been commanding auctions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 50 years. BID CALLER is a portrait of the personalities, nostalgia, and collectibles that embody he and his wife Marilyn’s weekly estate auctions.

Milwaukee Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, Eastern Oregon Film Festival

Carnatic Wave - Documentary Short - 2018

Carnatic Wave is an aural journey into the Karaikudi Veena tradition, a centuries old practice of Southern Indian classical music being carried on by a group of musicians in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon Documentary Film Festival, Hollywood Theater @ PDX  Spring Residency 2019, Kansas International Film Festival

Best Original Music, Oregon Documentary Film Festival

To An Early Grave: Paralysis - Music Video - 2018

Directed by David Van Auken

Overstanding Food in Jamaica - Documentary Short - 2007

A DIY attempt at documenting Jamaican food and culture through the untrained lens of an anthropology student while on a trip to Portland Parish, Jamaica.

 Northern Arizona University Visual Anthropology Film Festival

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